$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  2. ^ thanks..but where can i find the sale handbags?
  3. ^^ i think on the website, theres no "sales" section...regular priced ones are mixed w/ sales ones..gotta look @ each bag to find out.
  4. Miss Alice is right. There is no specific Sales section. I just happened upon the ones on sale by checking each bag. Good luck with your search.
  5. And also look at each color because u can have the same bag but one color on sale and the other color regular price.
  6. From my NM s.a. in San Francisco: Media in beige patent at $600, roughly.
  7. Well, they did! Missed it.
  8. I'm looking for a beige oversized muse. Help. Thanks!
  9. I was at NM in ATL late yesterday and they had a gold AND a silver/pewter Besace for 50% off clearance. I do not have an SA to refer you to in handbags....they were on the center aisle clearance table.
  10. I decided to let go of my pre-sale Medium Multicolor Muse II after looking at how much I've already spent this sale season...

    Anyways - its with Rima at NM Palo Alto for $510... a REALLY HUGE STEAL. Tell her you'd like CKs bag that was on hold.

    call 650 329 3300
  11. Hi Goodmornin, which multi-colour? The one with the magenta front & navy flap?
  12. Does anyone have the e-mail addy of the YSL outlets is Cabazon & Woodbury?