Sales after christmas???

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  1. I love the romantique line.
    I was wondering if Dior goes on sale after Christmas?

    I have heard it is on sale at Holt Renfrew for 30% off, so was wondering if US has any better deals?
  2. I know Dior Boutique in San Francisco was having that line on sale for 40% off last week. You should give them a call.
  3. Thanks.
    Since I'm going to Vegas soon, I called the boutique in the Forums, they have 30% off.
    I assume all Dior boutiques in Vegas would have the same discount?

    Does anyone know if US prices and CDN prices are the same or are they different?
  4. Nope they're different. Canadian prices are usually $200 higher for bags over $1000, $400 more for bags over $1500 (and so on), and $50-100 more for items that are below $1000. They never even adjusted the prices when the Canadian dollar was higher than the American dollar.