salerno is the best!!

  1. salerno presaled a jimmy choo ramona and decided she no longer wanted it. she saw my post saying that i wanted one and had the presale name changed! thank you soo much salerno!! this forum has so many perks =)
  2. Congratulations Chrishy,That was so cool! I am looking forward to seeing photos when you receive the bag.
    Very nice of salerno to think of a fellow Pfr
    What :choochoo:did you get?
  3. I'm looking for one as well, so if anyone else wants to change their pre-sale name??? Hahahaha just being hopeful.
  4. Thanks, Chrishy. You're fabulous too! My SA said you were a doll. I hope you love the bag and I'm so glad I found a fellow tpfer to give loving home for a stray Choo.

    Yay for purse forum!:yahoo:
  5. I had a lovely SA at Nordstrom Southcoast plaza, Costa Mesa hold a black Riki for me. It is a gorgeous purse with the water snake trim. It is smaller than the Ramona but for my size, it was perfect. Gave it up because I have one black bag too many!!!! You can call her up and ask for it. She is off today, Sunday. Her name is Maria 714 957-3604. You can tell her I send you. Monica:yes:
  6. Congratulations!! but where's the photo of your new ramona?!![​IMG]