Sale today??

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  1. Wasn't there supposed to be a sale on the wbsite today? I don't see any sale items...
  2. Sale started , its up now. 10% on everything except unicef items. At check out it takes off discount. Also,Saks designer sale with Gucci shoes on sale and other designers.
  3. Yup, 10% off when you check out, on the shopping bag page :yes:. I got a joy boston and matching wallet!!!! :yahoo:
  4. I've got a question: how did you all find out about the sale (other than reading it here :roflmfao:)? did you get a letter?

    In Belgium the collections come out a few weeks after (november 15th) they come out in the us. so if I count a couple of weeks after november 20th, than it would be the day that we have the 10% sale in Belgium? hope so :graucho:.
  5. I got an email from I hope you've a sale coming up too!
  6. thanks, beejerry! I was planning to buy the guccissima abbey hobo so it's nice to have a % off the price :okay:.

    And is it only online or in stores too?
  7. Yup I got an email as well!
  8. Leslie, both online and instore.
  9. Yep YEP

    We get 10% off in Asia too!!
  10. Is the sale usually that small of a discount? 10% that's like the taxes
  11. Don't worry, the winter and summer sales are 30% off for fabric items and 40% off for all-leather items. :smile:
  12. please post all sale info in the GUCCI SALE THREAD....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.