Sale time Questions

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  1. When does YSL usually have their summer sale??

    Also, I am trying to decide between these two muse bags and am curious as to what you ladies think about either of these colors making it to sale. Should I pull the trigger now or wait it out??

    * Large patent muse in light green

    * Oversized Muse in blue grey
  2. Starts in June, but not everything is one sale.
  3. seasonal colors do though.

    i think the patent O/S muse in watermelon will definitely go on sale. everything in watermelon will, i bet.
  4. Yay, this is so good to know. I'll take a Muse on sale in any color. :smile:
  5. Excited to see what they will put on sale. All seasonal colours will (should) be on sale.
  6. I think the Blue grey that was in the advert will sell out before the sales and the green patent is more likely to be available. Agree that patent watermelon colour will go on sale..also depends on the availability of YSL bags in your area.