Sale this weekend @ Denim Bar in Arlington,VA & Bethesda, MD

  1. This was posted in the Express paper this morning:
    Sat Jan 7th & Sun Jan 8th take 30% to 50% off Selected tops and denim

    the denim bar
  2. YAY :yahoo: Martinis and jeans :yahoo:
  3. Just wanted to bump and update this thread because the Denim Bar sale is back! I think it started last week, but I went to the Arlington store today and purchased 3 pairs of jeans for ... $75! A pair of Hudson's for $15, a pair of white Seven jeans and a pair of Paige jeans for $30 each. There are several tables of jeans ranging from 60% - 90% off. They had lots of good stuff - Habitual, True Religions, Rich and Skinny, etc. All of the denim brands that we love! :p
  4. OMG :wtf: :nuts: :nuts: :wtf:
  5. Oh man! I am pregnant right now and can't fit into any of them! I wonder if they have any maternity Citizens? ;)
  6. I went to the Pentagon Row location yesterday and racked up:yahoo: 1 pair of Serfontaine for $15, white Sevens for $45, Citizens for $25 and some Petite Bateau t-shirts for $6.30:tup:

    The sale will be going on until July 16th or until supplies run out.............
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I scored a great deal on a pair of Chip and Peppers. :tup:
  8. has anyone scored anything at bethesda????
  9. Yup...went to Bethesda yesterday and like another tread mentioned, had tables of stuff at 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% and other stuff for 50% and 30% off.
    I would say most of the stuff at 90% were not that great (light cotton pants, colored, mostly Paper Denim at $15.00 with the 90% off) and the stuff got a bit more interesting as the discounts diminished. I did buy (of course)...a $110 shirt for $22, a pair of Marlow jeans for $36 (from $120) and a $210 pair of jeans (I think Kasil? - not sure, it's being altered) for $63.00. I was pretty surprised to find stuff that fit me. If you go, the guys there are REALLY helpful, Tim and Dave. Acutally, Dave found all the stuff for me...he has a good eye for fit. All the stuff I picked out didn't fit. Go figure. Have fun.
    I got the impression that they might be putting out more for the sale this weekend.
  10. Stopped by the Pentagon Row store again on the 4th - it's close to the house. And stopped by the Bethesda store today - it's close to the office. Pentagon Row had a bit more inventory of sale stuff, but there are still finds at the Bethesda store, too! Picked up another pair of Paiges for $20 and a pair of Paper, Denim and Cloth for $20. I am not usually a fan of the Paper, Denim and Cloth, but this pair was different than the jeans I have seen. Very cute and comfy and sexy! dcblam - I was so looking for a pair of those Kasil jeans! Very cute. They didn't have my size though! And everything in the store is on sale. They were giving 30% off of the new inventory at the Pentagon Row store on the 4th. Good times!
  11. surlygirl -
    glad you found "finds" at both locations....dragged dh into the Bethesda location on Saturday and he found stuff as well - but no jeans, go figure!
    Enjoy :tup:
  12. From what I can tell by adding countless things to my cart, only clearance items get the 40% discount. Wish they'd stated that...not 40% off sale items. Bloomingdales is frustrating.:cursing:
  13. I just got a pair of $300 Notify jeans for $30 at the Bethesda store! With such hefty discounts, how can anyone really resist?!