sale stress

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  1. Anyone else feeling the sale deadline?

    *raises hand and shakes it around* I can't decide!
  2. yes I can't catch up with the threads! then tpf goes down in the middle of everything! People EACH need to start their own thread, I can't keep it straight and advise people with my golden thoughts. gah!
  3. Dh loves Luka. Luka it is. He saw LL's two toned Luka and is sold. Teehee...apparently two tone Baby Millie was outside his range, but not Luka. So he likes raspberry and tinted chocolate and wants me to have suede.

    What color suede? I'm emailing Ignacio to see if the two leathers will work with raspberry as the flap. And he wants dh love dw embossed :smile:

    Okay, he is fun again.
  4. Woohoo, congrats! Cool. Chocolate and raspberry- sounds delish! What about the raspberry with gold sparkles suede?
  5. Oooooooooo, raspberry with gold suede exists? Yummy!!!
  6. ooh, this sounds yummy!! I bet you will just LOVE this luka!
  7. That sounds nice! I love the Luka. That seems like a lot of letters for embossing- I thought they could only do initials. Does he want like "To No Cute, love John (well, insert proper name there)" or something like that?
  8. I thought it a lot, too, and asked Ignacio, who said it was possible. It will say John loves No Cute, but with fewer letters since we have short names.

    Went with raspberry flap (structured leather) and tinted chocolate body (soft leather). Ignacio made sure I knew they were different but said they would work fine. Chocolate with gold suede lining is what I picked. Between raspberry with gold in it and chocolate, I went darker.
  9. Wow! sounds diviiiiiiine! And, the embossing, that's so sweet!! So happy for you, what a special clutch!
  10. Doesn't it sound edible, Euridice? Anything with raspberry AND chocolate in the title, well, it's a winner to

    It's very much dh's bag, which pleases me no end. But the two tone gives Luka sufficient No Cute edge. Should be very fun! Dh was even talking outfits, lmao.
  11. Very nice! I like the color combos.

    Good thing you go by shorter names so it will work b/c that is a very sweet idea.

    I just sent my order in too.

    Mini Ormala, bordeaux, lilac fabric, gold hardware.
  12. Oh my gosh, elizat! I love your order!!! Can I pretend carry it every day?
  13. ^ lol. Most certainly! I'll borrow your clutches virtually as well to see if I can get over my clutch and formal event phobia! ;) Handbag therapy!
  14. No Cute edge = yes, proficient, and perfection!

    Handbag therapy: the BEST kind of therapy!!

    elizat, your miniO sounds so wonderful! I am vicariously living through you on this one. I'm very excited you decided to get this, and I can't wait to see it!
  15. I have formal event issues, myself, which is making me even more shocked at my clutch fun!