Sale starting today in San Francisco store

  1. Hi everyone, I don't know much about Hermes, but I was reading the SF Chronicle this morning and I saw that the San Francisco store has items on sale today through Sunday. Thought everyone would like to know! The ad didn't mention which items or how much, but I thought I would pass along anyway. Take care all!
  2. I know! I am sad I have to miss it but that's okay since they NEVER put and leather on sale - mostly just RTW and since I can't exactly "fit" into much these days, I'm ok missing this one.
  3. I won't be able to make it until Sat. If anyone has gone, please report! ;)
  4. Good luck SF gang!!! Hope you score some goodies!
  5. I went to the store today to purchase the Garden Party bag. The sale was so so. My SA said it is only for last year collection of clothing and shoes. I am not interested to buy clothes and I checked their shoes, none is appealing for me. So, I think overall it is not a good sale.
    But, I am very happy with my Orange GP medium size bag! Can't wait to start using it :smile:
  6. Ooooh, CALily, congrats on the GP! I love it in orange!!!
  7. I went to the sale on Wednesday evening. True to the SF store's reputation, they have nothing. Well, except for a lot of RTW I can't fit into! Last January's sale was much better; at least they had a lot of beautiful scarves.
  8. I went today. Blah. LOTS of clothes in XS, S, and that's gonna' fit over my big booty. HA! There were like THREE styles of no go there.

    I did find a cool summer/spring hat on 60% off clearance and snagged it...along with a nice little fall hat! So...not a complete waste! They were sold out of Twilly's...I'm guessing when no one found anything at the sale, they brought all the twillys!
  9. ^^LOL I bet so!!!