Sale Silverados at Bloomie's SoHo

  1. I was at Bloomingdale's in SoHo NYC today and they had Silverados in black (at least 7), med. brown and a light brown in both sizes on a sale table. There were a couple of other Chloes on sale but the table was 75% full of Silverados. So if you're looking for one, give them a call. The table said 30% off but I heard that there is a bigger presale discount for the second cut, so ask about that.
  2. :sad:wish they had pythons
  3. Does anyone know when they will have a 2nd cut? I called and asked and the SA said she didn't know!
  4. I don't know - I was at Bloomie's San Francisco the other day and the SA there told me that if I bought a bag that day they would put it on presale for an additional 40% off, but didn't tell me when the pickup would be. Sometimes I think they tell different stores different things to keep everyone confused!
  5. I just called, and they said there would be no additional % off on the silverados :sad: