Sale shopping report- Nordies and Neimans

  1. Hi ladies! Just left Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ and here is what I found on the sale tables at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Prices were about 30% off original retail at NM and 40% off at Nordstrom.

    Nordstrom: 2 paddies, with the small lock and chain. One jade, one ecru.
    Tan/whiskey Maggie
    3 large quilted bays- ecru (gorgeous), metallic gray and black(!)
    Elvire: hobo in tan, black patent clutch, and jaune? (Pretty light yellow, not as light as ecru) in the satchel
    One small Kerala in rust (not the tiny shoulder bag, the smaller satchel)
    Some other patent bags with the big square studs

    Neiman Marcus: several paddies. 2 each of red and chocolate of the paddy hobo with the zip that goes around the bottom. Also a black and grey fabric paddy for $750.
    Elvire: choco hobo (gorgeous), satchel in black, ecru, and that light yellow again.
    Large bay in orange
    Two large metallic bags that I haven't seen before- they had leather just like the metallic Keralas that are around, but no horse charms. They did have a cute mirror attached, though. One was a rust color and one a darker, muted bronze.

    They also had some balenciaga, miu miu, and an awesome studded burberry hobo as well as some other bags.

    Overall, NM had more selection but the prices were slightly better at Nordstrom.

    I picked up a black patent Elvire hobo at NM. Patent really suits this bag. Pics when I get home. I'm typing this from my blackberry in case you ladies wanted to call and snag some deals!

    NM phone number is 201 291 1920. Jennifer helped me and she was lovely.
  2. Oooh, thanks for sharing!

    Bedhead, let me know if you ever want to take a shopping trip into the 'burbs together.:p
  3. Thanks a million bedhead....

    Congrats on the patent Elvire hobo, isn't it to dye for!!! I LOVE LOVE Mine....

    BTW, which studded Burberry was it? the Knight bag? and how much if you remember?
  4. Thanks Bedhead -do you know if the paddies with the small lock were the totes or the satchels?
  5. mona_danya: The Burberry was the Hoxton studded hobo, this one and it was $1490, I think. $14something. Super cute.

    starbuxxx: They were the satchels. About the same size as a medium regular Paddy.

    and KMSNYC: Sounds good to me!
  6. ok thanks.....