Sale Season in Hong Kong

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  1. Does anyone know when it starts?
  2. typically in between change of seasons. bargains galore
  3. i remember it was early august, not sure though
  4. i hope there will be good sales when i go for two weeks after christmas! :P
  5. i *think* when i was there for the sale season once, it was like July August... probably closer to august....
  6. Summer sales start end June all the way through to August.
  7. I was in HK last weekend, some boutiques e.g. I.T. have sales already, around 30% off. But I am interested in the sales in shops like BV, Chanel, etc in HK
  8. BV sale in Singapore started June 5th. So has Chanel and Gucci.
  9. I don't know about summer sales. Early January late December for sure.
  10. Does Lane Crawford start their "sale" end of June, too, Ms. Piggy? thanks.
    I'll be there on the 23rd...hope I can catch some good sales.
  11. some designer stores start their sale already, saw it on newspaper ads.. such as urmm. .. YSL and Valentino.. I.T is on sale.
    joyce is still on pre-sale which means only vip card holder s only....
    hopefully Lane Crawford sale start soon!!!
  12. its usually the end of july
  13. My mom said the Lane Crawford sale is starting on Sunday...I'm not sure if its for vips though.
  14. Went to HK yesterday, sales in most designer boutiques.

    Fendi 30%
    Prada & Miu Miu 40%
    Dior 30%
    Manolo Blahnik 30%
    Bottega Veneta 30%
    Lane Crawford - Pre sale for members
    Joyce - Pre sale for members
    Heard that there are sales at Harvey Nichols now
  15. i soooo want to be in Hong Kong right now!