Sale, Sale, Sale!

  1. Chanel Boutique in Short Hills is having a great sale on shoes. Picked these up yesterday for $390 (and there is no tax on shoes in NJ!). These are 39, they had them in several other sizes. They also had boots marked down significantly, including two toned tan/black quilted for just over $1000. Enjoy!
    chanelbox.jpg ChanelShoes.jpg
  2. Wow what a steal!!! Congrats!!! Unfortunately I'm on a all-around ban after my shopping sprees this week. Those pumps are TDF though!
  3. gorgeous!!!
  4. what a deal!Congrats !they're gorgeous!
  5. oh my oh my i've been searching for a pair in 37 - 37.5 for the longest time! did you happen to see them at the store you were at??
  6. Gorgeous shoes! I love it when pfrmers get good deals!
  7. Great find!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  8. Great!! Did they have flats on sale,too?
  9. I-want-those-shoes
  10. I believe they did, phone Jose at 973-912-8055 and I am sure he will help you out! Good Luck!:yes:
  11. Unfortunately, no ballet flats on sale:sad: that is what I originally wanted. The boots were TDF though!
  12. Great buy! Congrats!
  13. Congrats those are beautiful!!! what a deal too..
  14. omg stunning! what a steal!
  15. Wow!!!!!! These are beautiful! Enjoy!