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  1. Hello! Walked into the store yesterday and saw this versatile piece in beige/nude. The black was also there but I didn't need to buy 2... anyway here it is! I love how roomy it is, how you can go from day to night, and especially the zip! (I am paranoid about things falling out or pickpockets). It's the small soho shoulder double chain!

    I didn't know why they packaged it in such a large box, so finding storage for that involved a little bit of moving things around my closet. :P

    Even better, they used the brown dustbag to hold it, and inside a smaller white dustbag was stuffed in there! Nice that i got 2 dustbags lol.

    Alright, no more additional handbags for me this year!

    I'm a bit worried about it keeping its shape - any ladies out there with a shoulder soho want to chime in?

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  2. Congrats on your new purchase! It's beautiful! :smile:
  3. Love the colour of your bag! Perhaps try stuffing the bag when not in use to maintain the shape.
  4. That is beautiful! Congratulations!
  5. LVChanelLISA & Crunchy2> Thanks!

    Applepharm> I agree, right now I have it in the dustbag laying on its back and stuffed. I hope that helps.
  6. I would love to get one myself but I have a few in mind and just can't decide 😄
  7. What are you deciding between?
  8. #8 May 22, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    Soho leather Disco, Soho leather Hobo, the Lady Web original GG and the one that you purchased. My style is usually understated smart so the lady GG is bit too show off but I love the strap on it 😊
    I have only seen the bags on the site and not in real life so I am not sure if their sizes are vastly different. Is yours much bigger than the Soho Disco? I think that the Disco would be too small for me for everyday and I like the fact that yours has the zip as, I am also paranoid with pick pockets 😄
  9. I need to add that it will be my first ever Gucci which I have been dreaming of buying for years!
  10. Hm... great choices!

    In terms of size, I think there is a sizable difference in what you can put in the disco vs the shoulder. I can put in my cell phone, sunglass case, water bottle (small sized one) and possibly my small Gucci wallet (kind of like a mens sized one) and that's pushing it. Sometimes I leave out the wallet and throw in my driver's license and credit card.

    The shoulder can probably hold 2x the disco? Just an estimate but definitely can fit a long wallet, full size water bottle, sunglass case, phone, etc.

    I think if you believe the disco is small, the lady web would probably be small for you too.
  11. I have the bag in black bought last year. Live your color! Shape stays no problem. You could keep it stuffed when not wearing but honestly no prob with shape
  12. Thank you Applecidered! That's really helpful! It seems that as a first bag and for everyday use, I should go with the shoulder Soho 😊
    I might wait for the sale to see if it comes on otherwise, I will just have to treat myself 😊

    I'd love a purse too 😊
  13. snibor> Great to hear! Do you use yours a lot?
  14. That's great! Thank you. I will have a look now. So exciting 😁
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