Sale Reveal x 3!

Mar 7, 2007
London, England
My sale stories:

I bought one item online (the larger PPL satchel in pumpkin) on Christmas Eve and then got worried that 1) the order might not go through and 2) I had one of these bags before and taken it back due to it not feeling right on me. At the moment the item has not been dispatched yet and Mulberry are seeing if they can cancel it before it gets shipped - otherwise it will be returned!
Anyway I would not have bought the above bag if it hadn't have popped back online after being OOS for a while. My previous lust was for the PPL tote, so I popped into Mulberry Brompton Road yesterday and picked up one! Last one in the shop but the leather is so lovely and the dealmaker was the fact I can actually wear it over my shoulder which I was surprised about!

While in store my other lust was for a mini Alexa in conker, but I was umming and aahing between that and an Alexa camera bag. I plumped for the conker mini and happily came home. THEN I got home and realised that the conker Alexa was just overdoing it and by buying that bag I rendered my mini Alexa in black and my SBS in conker useless. So the conker mini went back today to be swapped for the camera bag.

While in store I also saw if they had the birdtooth scarf that I bought myself for Christmas in stock. They did, so I returned the one I bought at full price and bought a new one at the sale price saving £75!

I think I am sorted now. :smile:



Jan 10, 2008
congrats! would love to see the camera bag and scarf being modelled. the leather on your polly looks lovely!