Sale reveal: drops of colour

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  1. While I'm waiting for the tennis to start...

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  2. This is also an excellent opportunity for me to work out how the new forum set up works, LOL.

    I couldn't initially work out if I could add more than 1 image, hence the first post, but I'm sorted now.

    Gold metallic mirror star key ring, aqua green SBS and neon blue small Roxette!

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  3. Beautiful colours!! You certainly didn't hold back in the sale :smile: Enjoy carrying them! (wish we had our old smilies back)
  4. I love the colours! Congratulations on your lovely buys! :smile:
  5. What a haul!!! Love the sbs how are you finding the roxette is it hard to get into? Strap looks a faff to me
  6. I tried them out in the outlet last night & they were indeed a faff. Easier with the smaller one because you could have it on your shoulder and use two hands though.
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  7. Thanks! I hadn't bought a bag for about a year so I was ready to go LOL.

    Thank you!

    It's certainly not the easiest to open! I've already fastened it on one hole less than it arrived, because I felt that made the strap too tight for easy unbuckling. The small buckle also makes it fiddly. I think as the leather strap softens with use it'll get easier, but I can see it would be a deal breaker for some (the same way I hated the clasp on the Bayswater shoulder!).
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  8. Wow, what a lovely haul! :smile: I just love all the colours you have there.
  9. Thanks K
  10. Thx for the feedback
  11. What am I doing. Wrong? I click on the image and it keeps bringing me up a pic from another thread? Frustrating as I want to see your haul
  12. I bet you had fun opening those parcels. Lovely purchases and a nice range of colour. Enjoy them .
  13. Bays is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!
  14. Congrats on your fabulous colourful haul wordsworth!
  15. WOWEE! These are all awesome. That blue color on Roxette is spectacular....I'm dying for that color! Enjoy Wordsworth:smile: