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  1. hey girls, i have a quick ?.
    i decided on a ysl piece for my birthday .. specifically the y mail clutch

    i saw that the price is $395 which isnt bad but then i started doing my research and saw that many of you have purchased it for $200 something on bluefly and saks


    so ..

    my next question is
    where can i find ysl merchandise on sale?

    saks? in the ysl store itself?

    i was just in neiman marcus last call in long island ny and saw a lot of pretty ysl bags .. the purple tribute was $500 .. they had the muse for a little under $1000 .. pretty cheap compared to retail

    but i did not see any clutches
  2. There were lots of merchandise on sale at the YSL boutiques - scarves, wallets, clutches, handbags, shoes etc.. you name it. I'm not sure if they're still there, but if they're not - they should be at the outlets by now. Cabazon and Woodbury.

    note- The Y-mail clutch usually does not go on sale at the boutiques

    The large dept stores will usually have the widest selection when it comes to what goes on sale - Saks, Barneys, Nordstrom, NM etc..some stores will have more stock such as clutches etc.. some may not..ask them which stores do

    Also.. you can try overseas sites such as, and browns fashion. The pound is low so the exchange rate is actually REALLY good when you buy from their sales. I've bought some things from matches without even paying for customs.

    Other boutiuqes that sell YSL in the US and are having sales that I know of include posh on main (DC), saks jandel (DC), marissa collections (FL), jeffrey new york (GA, NY), Neapolitan (IL), Capitol (NC), Joan Shepp (PA), Dressed (CA), and Shirise (IL).

    Perhaps google them and give them a call to find something?