Sale Question

  1. I was at Saks this morning and found a bag that I liked, only problem was that someone else was buying it. I asked the SA if she could find me another one and have it sent to my house and she said yes. She took my CC number and info and said she would call me later today. Has anyone done that during a sale? Have you actually gotten the bag? I just worry because this morning was crazy and I want to make sure that I get the bag.
  2. yes, i've done this before and received the bag. you shouldn't have a problem unless the bag you want is no longer in stock. i would call the sa later today to check and make sure she didn't forget. what's the bag you're looking for? hope you get it!
  3. I would actually call her before 12 Noon. That's when the additional 50% off markdown ends. If she doesn't get to finding your bag until after Noon, you'll only get 40% off. Ten percent isn't much but every little bit helps! Good luck!!!
  4. I don't know the name of it, but it is a quilted multipocket with a gold chain. Would you happen to know any more information about the bag?
  5. lol that's the name of the bag 'quilted multipocket'....the newer versions just have a chain.....i agree with luvpurses...i'd call before 12, just to make sure
  6. I would do some calling around on my own. A lot of the Saks SAs I've dealt with in the past have been completely unreliable. Good luck!
  7. Did you get the bag? How much was it?
  8. OMG /\ your avie is adorable!!