Sale purchases!

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  1. Anyone buy anything during the summer sales?
  2. Yes!!! Currently awaiting the delivery....

    How about you?
  3. I'm looking for hair accessories which don't seem to be online :sad: I'll check in store this weekend.

    I'm tempted by the studded Vara but I don't know if those can be everyday shoes.
  4. Why are you unsure? Because of the style? As long as they are comfortable I don't differentiate between everyday and non-everyday 😎

    Here are my purchases:

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  5. Plus the second:

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  6. Yeah, not sure if it's too edgy for me haha. But they are super cool.

    Great choices!
  7. Thank you :smile:

    I just checked my domestic sale website: the only hair accessories are a red headband and a red hair clip, both at 50% off.
  8. I don't have red!

    I have a pink-lavender headband and a purple hair clip. I have to check the boutique if they can track one down for me.

  9. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Color name is wine - it is pretty:

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  10. Thank you! I love that color!
    I should buy it whenever I find the colors I like. I was told at one boutique that they get random ones.
  11. Good luck :flowers:
  12. Nice wallet! I have the longer continental version in the same color.
  13. My delivery arrived today! The bag is terrific, the keyholder however goes back: the closure is very tight and I will potentially snap my fingers. The closure was the reason I sold my beautiful Chloé Elsie.... So this is something I learned to consider when buying something.
  14. This looks beautiful. I have been thinking about getting the Vara mini bag in this Ocean color, but unsure about the color. In some pics, it looks like a neon blue.. whole others look darker and more muted. Is it true to the picture here?
    If you can share a product pic would be awesome!!! thanks!
  15. The color is beautiful! I am not a blue kind of gal, but I love it: it is lighter than navy, glowing, but not neon and flashy. I hope you will find the pictures helpful.
    I also highly recommend the little keyholder-wallet: the chain is removable, so it is fery versatile.
    In fact you persuaded me to keep it :biggrin:

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