Sale purchase with pics

  1. I bought this white Ferragamo 'noah' handbag from the on-line sale. The bag was marked down from $1550 to $1008. I also bought the silk scarf on sale. There was another thread about the noah bag, asking about the size etc and I LOVE this bag. I bought one in black earlier this year. It's the perfect boston style bag, roomy interior, handles that can be used to hand carry and or fit over the shoulder, interior zip pocket, plus 2 phone pockets and 2 exterior pockets (one front with flip closure and one back with zip closure).
    And as always with Ferragamo......understated elegance....... gorgeous leather and no obnoxious logos, just simple but pretty signature hardware. Love it :smile:
    photo.jpg photo (4).jpg photo (5).jpg
  2. Congrats... Truly understated elegance...
  3. Beautiful!! Classy and versatile.
  4. This bag is stunning. Thank you for sharing these photos.
  5. My favorite thing about the Noah, is that it can be carried on the shoulder but still has the 'boston' style appearance.
  6. What a gorgeous bag, it looks great on you!
  7. Cocobean!
    I love that bag on you! It's the first time I've seen the Noah modeled and it looks fantastic! Is there only one size? I think the gold hardware totally makes that bag! And the scarf is an extra bonus!

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

    E x
  8. Elizabel
    I believe there is only one size. I have seen the bag in black, white and a coral color that the SF website calls bright orange. The black version also comes with silver or gold hardware. I hope SF keeps this style around and adds other colors.
  9. Wow...its beautiful! Congrats on both the scarf and bag! How much did you pay for the scarf after discount if you don't mind me asking?
  10. The scarf is 100% silk, 63 in x 17 in, marked down from $230 to $149
  11. Simply stunning and the bag looks really good on you.
  12. Wow...A Very good steal I would say! Congrats!:smile: