sale prices question

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  1. I know all the dept stores are having mega sales but which one has the most percentage off their bags? I think Saks is going to mark down further. Is Nieman having extra markdown too this next? Anybody seen any Gucci left anywhere on sale?
  2. and Bergdorf still has some Gucci bags on sale. I think they are going for 50% off. You can use the code SUMMER for Neiman and you could get free shipping!
  3. Saks sale on the 13th is a real 70% off original price.-Saw and bought Gucci's last Friday and Sunday for presale at Dadeland, Miami - don't know what is left now.
  4. Also, the Gucci boutiques have moved their sale merchandise to their outlets. I don't know when they will appear on the shelves, however (or if they already have).

    Saks always has the best prices, before Neimans, Nordies or BGs.