Sale period for Dior

  1. Hi:yes:
    Does anyone know the exact ( well aprox date ) when dior bags go sale?
    and possibly what style would go on sale? :P
  2. i'll talk to my SA tomorrow and will report back :biggrin:
  3. Thanks!:love:
  4. Sales usually happen all around the same time. I think the sale is in early Dec.
  5. For the Neiman Marcus private shopping night, the Detective, Dior Charms,
    Dior Flowers, DDior Deer, and Dior Flight went on sale (30% off). My Dior specialist told me that they will be the same on to be 30% off for First Call in early Decemeber.
  6. I'm looking forward to the Dior flight, does it mean when they have a sale, all the good things aren't there????

    And what does "First Call" mean?? aaww i'll be overseas for the whole of dec :sad:
  7. will it be cheaper to purchase dior bags at the dior stores or in department stores?
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