Sale - patent paddies @ Nordy's Seattle

  1. I received the following email from Peggy @ Seattle, Nordys -
    206-628-1253 (phone)

    Here are a few pictures of the Chloe' patent Heloise and patent Paddington on sale... I took a group shot because of limited time!!
    It's marked 40% off due to competitive pricing...
  2. Holy cow LOOK at all those beautiful things. I practically want to buy them all and I already have one!!
  3. Holy COW? Is there some major BLinG happening at this Nordies? Geez Louise? Thanks for the pics.
  4. I know, when I opened the e-mail on my laptop downstairs, I immediately ran upstairs to my office, opened the e-mail again and called Peggy, it was more than I could resist.....DH was downstairs unaware.....LOL
  5. How can you resist when the pics look so delicious!!!!!

  6. Sweating I know that scene all too well, ususally I'm shaking as I punch in the number. If I didn't have that Epice Bay coming I'd be all over that patent red Heloise.:heart:
  7. What is the name of the tote bag in the first picture on the bottom right?
  8. OMG- why did I have to open this!!! I'm trying to buy a new car and will have to do a purse ban - the torture!!
  9. I think it's a black Patent Audra? 2manybags?

    Starbuxxx yes I know, it stinks. I have to cover my eyes and pray to Jesus (and I'm not being sarcastic).........
  10. I did it - I got the black patent medium satchel - someone shoot me now!!
  11. can anyone share the prices ladies?us non us-girls are drooling here...

    congrats starbuxxx!! that black patent medium satchel is TDF!
  12. The Black patent medium satchel is $1800 on sale for $1079. I can't believe I bought another Chloe! I need to go have a drink now and check myself into purse rehab!
  13. I am trying to avoid this thread......:hysteric:
  14. ^It is useless acshih. No avoiding this temptation. I can't stop staring. I was at the movies but the first thing I did when I came home was fire up the laptop. My hand reaches out to paw the screen. "GIVE ME THAT RED HELOISE NOW" The devil is taking the form of this purse. BOTH ARE RED!!!Maybe I need to start a purse addict's rehab clinic and serve you all a lot of wine to get your mind off of Chloe bags. (I'll make it someplace nice like Bal Harbour. Close to the ocean and shop.....never mind....) And with the profits I can buy all the bags I want! What do you say?
  15. OMG, I just got this email too! I can't, just can't but I soooooooooo want to!
    Starbuxxx congrats, that is the bag I would love to have!
    Please post pics when you get it.