Sale over?

  1. I heard that the Chanel sale at Neiman Marcus was only for 1 day & now is over. Does anyone know if the sale is going on anywhere else or if it will return? I am so sad that I might have missed out :cry:
  2. There was a sale on Tuesday for 30% with practically everything at NM. I'm sure that they will do similar things next ;)
  3. I called NM & the SA told me it was a oncce a year private night sale & this year Chanel happened to be involved. I guess I just missed out *getting tissues to cry* But I can't help but think that since Chanel was involved & also had the promotional price in Hawaii, that maybe Chanel itself will be putting these bags up for sale themselves. Wishful thinking?
  4. I talked to my SA at NM today & she confirmed the sale included the Chanel's handbags too. This is the first time ever. There are only two lines were on sale & not all ( maybe here in San Diego): the old cambon line pink/black & the older collection with similiar to cambon but LARGER "CC".

    I too missed the sale:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. dont worry, they have "secret" sales in june. normally they will send out an invite via email, or u just have to have a close relationship with your SA. I walked into the st.louis Saks the summer before last and they had ALOT of nice bags on sale and pearls -costume- and no one knew because they dont have sale SIGNS, they just are marked that way or they will tell you its marked down.
  6. Waikiki still have everything... call them
    i just did... ordered the pouchette in beige and the medium tote in pink

    ask for David
  7. is the luxury line included in the secret sale?
  8. No, I wish!