Sale on Wednesday; question from Jackie! help!

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  1. I hope this got everyone's attention. Jackie said that Wednesday would be best for her (working on weekends usually not a problem, but she can't next weekend---thanks, TropicalGal for pointing out the weekend situation!)

    She mentioned in an email that she wanted to give tpfers first crack at the sale but needed to figure out logistics. (how nice, after letting us tell her when to start it, lol!)

    I just idly suggested that she shouldn't go to any major trouble but perhaps announce to the world that it starts at time y, but announce to us that it starts at time x (an hour or two, or whatever, earlier than the official time y). She shouldn't go to any major trouble, such as do something on the technical side.

    Her question is: that's fine, but if someone else comes to the site ahead of time the sale prices are there, and are we okay with that? I personally am, (unless this means a backlash against BE from non-tpfers).

    What does everyone think?? I didn't want to answer for everyone without consulting here!!!! :wtf:
  2. OK this sounds insane but can someone at BE give a longterm Bellenista here on TPF a code that can be sent as a chain PM to be included in the online order and those with the code's orders will be filled first?

    Although this might prevent other TPFers from getting a crack. On the other hand, if it's simply posted here anyone who isn't a tpf member can see the code unless it's posted as a encripted photo.

    Just a thought.
  3. Hmmm...that's a good idea. The other option might be to use a coupon code and activate it early, while still announcing the sale starts at x and y times, so people would maybe just assume it won't work until the specified time. Just a suggestion. Either way, I really don't have a strong preference.
  4. Why not leave the prices as they are on the website for the first day of the sale and give tpf a code that reduces them to the sale price. Then reduce the prices openly on the second day? This would only work if all the bags were reduced by the same % of course.
  5. Jackie wrote back and mentioned she was going to think about it, but she was thinking of a code that would work in advance for tpfers. Sounds along the lines of what everyone is suggesting!! I just can't get over how nice this all is.
  6. If I'm remember correctly, tPFers didn't get 'first crack' at the Sample Sale a while back (or did we?!)? If it's going to be too much of a bind this time, I don't think BE should bother.

    BUT, thinking about what gingeybear said, BE could always just let tPFers use a code (that is if the sale is only on current stock, and there's no separate sale page or anything) from say, Tuesday onwards that gives a generous percentage discount on all stock items but announce the sale for Wednesday for everybody else? Maybe BE could personally email the code. I don't know, maybe that's complicating things.:shrugs:
  7. yeah, CB, I only would want BE to do this if they can figure out a fairly simple way. I'll not turn it down, that's for sure! But don't want them to jump through hoops.
  8. Wow. Isn't Jackie and her BE team wonderful? :girlsigh:
  9. This is really, really nice of her. Whatever she decides is fine with me!
  10. Oh my..(blushing in shame and stuffing my head inside an BE silk dustbag)...I forgot to thank Jackie and everyone for being so generous and makes me appear to think it's par for the course when I know it's not. My apologies for seeming to have sense of entitlement and taking it for granted.
  11. I'm not sure what you are talking about. I don't think anyone has seemed that way. but you are right, it is generous and thoughtful!! Maybe that IS par forthe course around here, tho!
  12. It sounds like a presale code (a la ticketmaster) would be a great way to go. But a special coupon code would also make a lot of sense. I bet the coupon code would be the easiest way to go. Or even just write "i'm with tpf" in the comments section! There would have to be an across the board reduction in prices (say 20% on everything), which might not work if BE wants to discount some items more than others.

    There would be an understanding that that code would only be valid for X hours. I know BE can't advertise here like that, but perhaps they could let one person know who could then let the rest of us know.

    Otherwise, i think they have to go through the mods, right?
  13. What do you mean 20%!!! I don't get out of bed for less than 30%!
  14. Preferably 40%!!!!
  15. :smile:

    I'm just pulling numbers out of the air. Frankly, unless we're talking 50% off, there's no way i can participate right now. I've just got to keep it in check. my company STILL hasn't done 08 reviews, so i have no clue if i'm getting a raise or bonus or anything. Erring on the side of caution, i really have to sit this out.