sale on the website?

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  1. does the gucci sale on the website takes place on any particular times of the year?
  2. December and June with pre-sales starting a week or so earlier.

  3. is the presale for everybody or they email certain customers first about the presale??
  4. They email customers with a link to the presale and the link will most likely be posted on the sales/outlet thread like in the past to be shared with all of us lovely PFers.
  5. are the gucci bags better priced on the website sale or do u think good deals are found at the outlets ?
  6. They only have sales on the website a couple times a year. The first mark down on the gucci website is 40% and then you'll find that later on the sales may even go down to 60%-70%.

    You'll always find good deals at the outlets - their inventory is hit or miss and they'll have items from past seasons/years as well. Check the outlet thread for pics from the outlets.