Sale on Non-Moto B-Bags and Moto Pony hair B-Bags @ NM SF

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  1. I saw bags that looked like a ver big twiggy/Whistle bag but not quite, pony hair styles in First and Day, and a flap bag that was messenger styled, and a bag with a lot of silver tabs. Sorry if it's not much of a description, but I was in a hurry back to the car since the meter was up.
  2. Anyone have suggestions on who to contact there regarding these bags? Also do you recall ballpark sale estimates (either % or prices)?

    Thanks for this great tip.
  3. John is very friendly. I think he's the manager on the floor too.
  4. Oh, and prices are 20-30% off.
  5. Thanks! I'm checking it out.
  6. What did you find out? Anything good?
  7. Oh, they also had hook bags.
  8. I just spoke with Christine, who was very helpful.
    These were the styles on sale:

    The "Ring" bag (she described it as a "doctor satchel" which felt "framed" on the sides and top) I don't know if this is the whistle or one like this
    In pony hair, there is a day in blue, and caramel in the first, city, and day
    Also the satchel with the silver plate on the bottom corner (the monk?)
    She also said there were some other assorted items (sorry, kind of vague)

    She indicated that the sale bags were all 30-40% off depending on the style.
  9. Christine!:smile:
  10. so for the moto line, only the pony hair is on sale right?
  11. Correct. Only moto pony, no other moto.