sale on keychain or other small accessories?

  1. Hi gucci ladies!

    I'm mostly on the bal forum, but I am hoping you can help me find a gucci key fob, or other small accessory for under retail. I'm interning at a law firm and got to know one of the lawyers who is an amazing woman. She's young, has a 3 yr old child, just went through a divorce, and had a double mastectomy!

    She's changing her name back to her maiden name and her initials will be GG and I know she loves gucci, but I'm a student and can't pay gucci prices. What/where is my best bet? Do you ever find gucci accessories at tj maxx/marshalls/loehmanns/discount stores?

    Is eBay my best bet?

    Thanks so much!!
  2. i don't think i've ever heard of gucci accessories at discount stores but probably check eBay
  3. When i went to the gucci pre-sale they had key holders that can hold up to six keys for as much as $99 and other accessories. go and check. =)
  4. i went to the boutique last night, and they had a small cosmetic bag on sale for $79. It's not a key ring but it's pretty affordable.
  5. thank you so much keane, m808 and gucci lover. I'm heading to ny tomorrow so Iwill check out the stores to see if there are any sales. Just curious, where did u find the cosmetic bag? THANKS
  6. I did a quick browse (by the way the links to the sites that I have given here are to authentic selling sites that are trusted by PF members) and this is what I've found.

    These ones are for mobile phones. Not sure if this is what you are after, they're 60 odd bucks.

    As Gucci lover said you can get cosmetic cases at the sale for under $100. There will also be keyfobs and other small accessories. All the best with the hunt! You'll definitely get something. :yes:
  7. the cosmetic was at the gucci boutique, they are having sales right now!!