Sale on Elaine Turner bags

  1. I don't know if someone already posted this, but there is a sale going on at where some of her bags that retail for $450 and up are marked down to $180 or lower. I love her bags and think she is under-rated as a designer so I thought I would post.

    You have to play with the colors and the bags to find all the deals, but I picked up a couple of phoebes and a Bronwyn for around $500 total for all three bags. :yahoo:
  2. Quick update on the discount--it was 70% off on the three bags I bought!!
  3. I just got in the three bags I ordered. I was really impressed with the fast shipping. All of the bags came with heavy dustbags and a personal thank you note from the shop. The leather is really nice and I am impressed. I think the yellow is perfect for spring, the gold python is going to be hot for this fall and the taupe is a perfect neutral.
    yel.jpg python.jpg taupe.jpg taup.jpg