Sale NOT on?!

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  1. After lots of agonized debating (I'll spare the details), I decided to buy small black Mabel from the US sale. But when I went to the site to take the plunge this morning, all of the sale prices were gone-- even though the bags were still sitting in the "sale" section and the fat red SALE NOW ON was still staring at me from the corner of the site!

    Is the US done, or is this a temporary glitch? I think I need a glass of wine over lunch... :wtf:
  2. I wonder if they are updating their systems or maybe reducing the prices a little bit more?

    ETA I just checked the US site and the sale prices are showing now.
  3. Oh hang on..

    I just looked a bit further and some of the prices are sale and some aren't.
  4. Well, it looks like Mulberry isn't even sure.

    I called the number on the website, and the pleasant and mostly unconcerned woman on the other end said that she didn't know if the US sale was over ("Well, the prices are back...but on the other hand, the banner's still up. Yes, that's hard to tell.") but that they'd notify me to let me know if it was.

  5. Aw no, you must have been fed right up.
  6. That's classic. Their CS is useless. No one can ever answer anything.
  7. I was undecided last night as well, and now I want to buy but it's not on sale anymore! I'm not buying at full price, so oh well. This is more annoying than the bags that you click on, and then they say "no longer in stock."
  8. What a pain for you! What was it you wanted? Sometimes if you keep checking back, they will have more in. I guess with returns, shop returns etc, it can take time for them to get them back in!
  9. At first I was very drawn to the Shimmy in Taupe, but not in stock. So I was planning on buying it in stone today, but the prices are back to full price. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  10. We have established that the stock is the same for the UK and US. Maybe they only have sale prices for UK customers now, as the US sale started a month earlier.
  11. Yes the US sale has been running for ages and must be due to end.
  12. Agreed on that; I'm not looking for a Highlander-esque eternal sale, just a website that isn't sending mixed messages.
  13. #13 Jul 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
    The problems seem to stem from Mulberry trying to run the sale in 2 countries at completely different times but using the same website system. It is causing annoyance for everyone everywhere! The UK sale is down to the dregs now, why don't they either slash the prices for all of us or close the sale completely?

    Have you tried bullying CS into letting you have the bag at the Sale price anyway? I am sure that Mulberry wants to clear that stock. I bet that they could change the price for you manually if they tried. What would they be losing by doing that?
  14. I agree. Call them & tell them that you had problems using the website during the sale & that you cant get to a Mulberry store & since then you have been trying to work out ways to get the bag you want.

    If you go on about how stressful it has been & how you tried to get friends in the UK to get it for you too (or something like that!) then they may be more inclined to help you.

    Can you call any of the stores to see if they do mail order to you? The ones in New York I mean. Perhaps they have them?!?
  15. #15 Jul 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
    ^^ Yes, I think that's my only option at this point. But apparently website CS is an entirely different entity from real CS, which might be able to change the price but can only be "left a message" and is supposed to get back to me tomorrow.

    Kind of a shame I couldn't talk to them right away; I had my entire sad song and dance ready too.

    (I did try calling New York-- they have the bag, but it hasn't been on sale in the store! I'm starting to wonder if I'm going crazy.)