Sale *napa gauffre satchel* at BG is gone

  1. Hi girls,
    I ordered this bag Prada -  Napa Gauffre Antic Satchel -  Bergdorf Goodman from BG last week. It went on process, and I was been told it is on process of being shipped out. A day after, I asked rep, he said it looks like they got hold of this bag and were not able to ship out till sometime this week. I was still excited to hear this GOOD news(at least they DIDN"T cancel my order or tell me "it is sold out"). But, when I checked my status last night, it showed "backordered", so I talked to rep again, and I was been told that they are trying to contact vandor to get this item for me. Later last night, it changed to CANCELLED:crybaby: GOD...I was so pissed...I couldn't believe they changed it a few times then...this is what I got back from dispointed...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. The same thing happened to me with a Gucci positano scarf bag on First processing for days, then delayed, then finally cancelled. What really got me was when I saw that same positano bag on a few days later, but of course it was sold out. When I called they said they may have gotten it temporarily in stock, but the bag I was supposed to get was unavailable from the vendor.