sale last year???!!!!

  1. does anyone remember how much the pink and black cambon pouch went for???:confused1:

    someone's trying to sell it to me for $500...and i wanna know if it was cheaper during the sale...

    i know it retailed for $695...

    help me please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!:sad:
  2. 695
  3. It went to 40% and less at a lot of places. . . so if it RETAILED originally for $695. . . .
  4. I got my Chanel pink cambon tote for 30% off then they had a bigger sale and cambon was marked 70% off, which was great because I bought my 2 cambon pink wallets and one for my sister as a gift.
  5. wow! you guys in US are lucky! The pink chanel in canada was never on sale! I had to pay the original price!
  6. :wtf: 70%??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow......that is'd i miss that??!!

    anyways thank you for all ur help~~:smile:
  7. when is the chanel boutique sale? i'd love to get a wallet or passport holder (not picky about the color/style).
  8. is there a sale in the summer???
    Need to find the optimum time to visit nyc.
  9. 70%!!!!
    are u sure it was 70%??!!!OMG how can I miss it?!
    when is it????lol...i will mark the date on my!LOL
  10. yea it was 70%.

    I got so many cambon items for 70% off. But they were hard to find because Saks marked down the items 30% and then a few weeks later an additional 40% ( or it was the other way around) but, by the time the 2nd markdown happened EVERYTHING was GONE! but I got lucky a few times and found stuff. I got the cambon bowler for like 500$USD and a makeup case, CC holder, pouch, necklace etc for 70% off.

    just be warned that im sure alot of the members will hesistate to post what items are where when these sales come around this year :smile: so to each bag lady her own!!!!
  11. ^ LOL! i feel u..hehehe...
    ok then..!im searching myself.haha...
  12. how do you even find out if a chanel is having a sale????
  13. the boutiques will send you an invite message to let you know. Saks and other dept stores dont advertise it, you just know.
  14. Can you order over the phone at the boutiques with sales?
  15. yeah, you can do charge sends from dept stores I know for sure.
    chanel boutiques probably, but most of the stuff is gone usually during pre sale. meaning, most SAs call or send their personal clients invites before the sale goes public and reserve the good stuff for them so their is usually not much left.