Sale lady was mean to me or is it me. :[


Aug 21, 2006
Wells, this is the whole story. I first went to pasadena to go to abercrombie because there wasn't any at hollywood. I went with my friend. We took the metro. When we we got to hollywood. The first place I wanted to stop was at the LV store, because I never been in there and I wanted to check out the bag I wanted. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go in because there wasn't much people in there and its awkward for me when there isn't anyone in there. So, I went in and like there was 2 sale lady just talking. I walk in and a few mintues later the asian lady said Hi. I was looking around and she saw me holding a abercrombie shopping bag and the asian lady ask the other sale person if there was a abercrombie store. I was so embrassed and shock. Why you ask? Because there wasn't any abercrombie at hollywood and why would she ask so loudly. I was mad. I wanted to buy my bag,but I didn't wanted to be treated like I can't afford it,but I can.:yes: Anyways, if I was treated like I was nothing then what is the point of buying it right? And I thought they would treat you better, but I was wrong? Right? :sad:
I don't like going to that LV store anymore :sad: or what should I do? Help! Or go to another LV store?
all she did was ask her if there was an abercrombie store??
i dont think there is anything wrong with that..unless she said something
along the lines of..

" is there an abercrombie(:throwup:) store around here?"
Yeah I don't really see the point in being mad if all the SA did was ask if there was an A & F store around.

I don't think this experience should affect you from visiting this store again.
Your being tooooo sensitive. Maybe she likes A & F and when she saw your bag, thought it just opened somewhere close? I think its a totally normal reaction.
Ya I agree with everyone here, don't see why you should be upset. If it were her TONE or attitude then that's a diff thing. If you wanted to buy a bag then I think you should have just bought it there, otherwise you'd be wasting your time going to another store and making a purchase there.

Aside: Funny thing I'd like to mention is that once my cousin's friend got seriously snubbed at the duty free shop in Hong Kong. So she was like, "what? they think I can't spend $$$? I"ll show them!!!!" and bought 2000$ of cosmetics lol. I thought it was pretty hilarious when she had to cross the border hauling 2 ginormous bags lol.......I guess some people like to prove others wrong:shrugs:
i guess people who report terrible first experiences inside a Vuitton boutique are just needlessly intimidated. maybe you're just embarassed to be carrying an A&F bag inside LV and just projected this insecurity towards the salesperson :s
Unless she said that in a snotty tone (meaning a tone that indicated you're not good enough for LV), I'd say that she was just wondering if there was a store in the area.