Sale Items at NM OTHER Than Tysons?

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  1. NM Short Hills had a large french blue matelasse as of yesterday afternoon...
  2. All,
    First, thanks to Z&J for helping (or enabling ;) ) me to buy a black minibowling for $720ish!!!!!!! I cannot wait for it!:yahoo:
    Here is what some of the NM had as of Friday lunchtime:

    Blue (don't know which) Quilted
    Various Whistles

    San Antonio:

    Turquoise, Blue, Green, Brown bags. I couldn't get the SA to figure out what kind. She thought they might be sachels or bowlings....But those are the general colors.

    Newport Beach

    Palm Beach
    nothing left now that my pretty is coming June 1st! (Sorry, don't mean to brag)

    Please PM me if anyone hears of any ink or anthricite on sale.
  3. ys are the bags you posted above on sale? I'm in Houston so if so I'm going today!!!!
  4. Yes, these are their sale items! Sorry I couldn't get more info from the SA!
  5. MRG, if you go now(?), could you please report back what they have on the sale table. TIA
  6. I thinkthe boxy bag is the "whistle" bag. I saw it today at the NM in Short Hills. The smaller one is on sale for $711. They had black!