Sale Items at NM OTHER Than Tysons?

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  1. So, we've heard a few comments about what b'bags are on sale at the Tysons Neiman Marcus. What about the other Neimans?? I'm a Tysons girl, but I assume that the other NMs would ship, right? I've tried to talk to the Tysons SAs about stock at the other stores, but they've been uniformly unhelpful. Not sure if they don't have the info or just don't care.:confused1:
  2. Try Corey at Tyson's... he is FAB and works Monday to Friday :tup:

    703-761-1600, Ext. 3034.
  3. I was at NM in Troy, MI yesterday - and there were not any bbags on the sale table that I saw... I just zoomed through though - because the really good SA there *Lisa* wasn't working that I saw... and the other SAs there tend to be uniformly unhelpful as well. (In my experience.) ;)

    I am hoping that some Truffle bags may find their way onto the sale table - because I would totally consider Truffle if it were on sale a bit.... :yes:
  4. Bags4bubbles, it sounds as though Tysons has truffle bowlings. I'll look when I head over there later and see if they have any other truffles.
  5. just spoke to Cary there and he has the truffle bowling bags.
  6. You pretty much have to call each Neiman's individually. SAs don't like to help each other (i.e., calling an SA at a different store to see if they have something) because then one of them is losing a sale.

    P.S. The Neiman Marcus @ Houston has a French Blue and an Aqua Matelasse bag on sale ... $1,202 marked down from about $1,700. Not sure if that would be the small or the large size (?)
  7. bagsforbubbles..
    I talk to SA at troy michigan this morning looking for oval clutch she said they have not mark things down yet coz' it starts tomorrow..:smile: hope this helps
  8. Oh great! Thanks! I will stop by there tomorrow and see what I can find!! :graucho:

    I suppose I should have been more specific... if there happens to be a Truffle Twiggy/Day on serious sale... then I would seriously consider it! I like the mini-bowling style, but I think the regular bowling style would just be too big for me! ;)

    Here's hoping some of the excess bags get marked down at the Troy store! :tup:
  9. Oh gosh, if there's any Day on sale...and no damage I also want it
  10. The SA at NM San Francisco told me the Ponyhair City, small Maltese in FB and Aqua, and she described something being "boxy??" were the one's they had on sale. I jumped on the FB Maltese. I'm sooo excited!!:yahoo:
  11. If it's $1700 ... it would be the smaller size. The "Grande" (large-size) runs around $1900+.
  12. The French Blue Matelasse is available at NM Denver as well as brown (truffle?)
    There were 2 mini-bowlings - grenat and truffle, which were quickly snapped up.
    Not on sale was a FB Day, RH -- if anyone is looking for that
  13. if anyone sees any wallets, boxes, or firsts on sale, let me know :smile: i'm without a NM :sad:
  14. Argh! Mini-bowling! :P Do you happen to know approx what the sale price was on those?? TIA!
  15. How much are the mini bowlers going for on sale?