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  1. I'm curious how many of our tPF BIG sale shoppers - live at home with parents or have mortgage/utility bills? Age?

    I'm 27 and have a mortgage/utility was easier shopping when I lived at home with mom & dad. It's hard to swing both :sad:
  2. I'm a new member, just found the site yesterday. I want to know how everyone can afford such great bags! What is your secret?!?!
  3. I'm 28 and pay mortgage for my lovely condo:smile:

    I save up money for things that I like and always make sure that I can pay cash for it (I pay for it in CC, but I pay off my bills in full every month).

    I guess I just pick and choose - I like to spend more money on shoes and purses, so I "skimp" more on clothes, etc. I'm also pretty lucky to have a job I love and get paid pretty well.
  4. Hello,

    I live at home and don't pay a mortgage or rent or insurance I do sometimes pay for gas in my car. I work for a developer which pays well and then for I work for a high end clothing retailor a few hours a week for the discount. I think that's why I'm able to purchase the things I do, however now I am looking at how to live on a reasonable budget so that when I do have normal expenses...I'm not in major debt!!!!!
  5. I agree! I want to know everyones secrets! I am 19 and live at home with my parents. I don't pay for rent, insurance, utilities or anything like that. I am in college and play a sport there, so I don't have a job. But, I don't have any high end designer bags or clothes. The closest I come is a few Coach bags and lots of 7 for all mankind jeans! I'm definitely happy with them though!
  6. Same here :yes:

    Most of my clothes are from the Banana Republic, Barney’s NY and Off5th outlets… and usually under $50! It’s pretty funny when you think about it, some of my bags cost more then my entire wardrobe :shame:
  7. I also found this site recently. I am 29 and have a mortgage, bills, the whole shabang!!! I wish I had more purses than I do have. Mostly I ask for them as presents because I Have hard time decided what I want. I do probably spend a lot on clothes and I am trying to save up for a purse but once I start to save something else comes out that I want and then I just cant decide or have them all.

    what is the one bag that you guys think everyone should have?
  8. I blame it on tPF! And the Deals and Steals section... I have sky high Harlem rent...a yorkie who eats a lot and an aversion to cooking which means lots of take out... Add to that an SUV, monthly parking fees, and insurance. I think i have temporarily gone insane to be buying designer bags. But they SPEAK to me!!!! I always did buy designer before..but they were tremendous sale opportunities at Loehmann's and etc....or ONE big purchase a year...and always deeply discounted. Never have I blatantly gone to a sample sale with the intent to purchase. I tell myself it is such a deal that I can make it work in my budget....I guess that is why my monthly parking is still unpaid and my car is being held hostage!!! I def need to re-prioritize!
  9. I often wonder how so many people can buy so many bags...

    But then again, I am pretty young and I have a lot of designer clothes and bags (pretty much all I wear). I'd rather go without than to skimp on what I want. I have to pay ridiculous manhattan rent for my luxury condo, spend loads going out, and have no debt (even after 4 degrees). I even save each month
  10. and as an addendum, I *usually* get my designer goodies on sale, because I LOVE getting a bargain. And I'm obsessed with fashion. That's why I love this site!
  11. or you marry a doctor and buy what you want.


  12. Yep I live at home and so my parents help me out with my 'habit' a lot.

    Will be moving out after university is over and I am dreading it.:crybaby:

    I actually prefer bags and shoes to clothes and I don't really buy designer clothes bcos over in the UK we have topshop which is good enough for me.

    But the handbags and shoes will probably be mainly from ebay and sales and outlets when I leave home:crybaby: :wtf:

    Actually don't really mind getting from ebay or sales because I too love bargains
  13. My dad helps me out with my habit. Luckily, it's mostly limited to purses and not tons of clothes and shoes. I do somehwat of a budget, but go way past it during the major sale times in the winter and summer. I have a nice, modest bag collection and have never paid retail for any of them, so that helps a little bit.
  14. i am lucky in a sense that my husband know my addiction to designer purse. I usually ask for them whenever a special occasion get around. So far i have brought 4 purse for this yr and 3 are LV and one pad chloe. But i do feel guilty sometimes cuz these bags are getting to be expesive, i guess i'm lucky that DH is understanding .
  15. Yeah, my DH is very understanding, too. He buys as much in wine as I do in handbags and shoes, so it works out :smile:. I get to drink the wine and he gets to look at my pretty feet and shoulder!