Sale Hunt: Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo in Chestnut?? TIA!

  1. I just realized I want to start a Stam collection (albeit slowly) and I just saw that one bag I want went on sale to $600!

    It's the Stam Hobo in Chestnut pictured here:


    I want it only from Neiman Marcus, because I want to use that charge card. Should I call? Anyone seen it?

    TIA! :wlae:
  2. Oooh, pretty, I have this bag in mouse and I'm so in love with it. OT, do you have a fashion blog? If you're that designer ella, I really like your blogs! I've been following them for a long time.
  3. Yes, I'm the same Designer Ella. Pursed Lips is lonely, I hope you're visiting! He he. I'm on a "vacation" until next week because I have a lot of stuff to do, including fixing the layout for the new IE. I HATE coding work. Blegh.

    I have so many nice bags to blog about though. He he.

  4. if anyone runs accross a black hobo stam on sale i might take another shot of purchasing one.
  5. I have a great contact person for NM. If it exists in the NM system, she can get it for you. If you are interested, pm me, and I'll give you her name and numbers!
  6. Good luck! I'm going to NM tomorrow so exchange my black hobo stam (sadly, it's not on sale), so I'll ask for you as well.
  7. Thanks! Will do.
  8. Oh and does anyone know if it looks like this photo in person??
  9. I saw the chestnut in person and I thought it looked very orangey under the store lights. I don't know what it will look light in natural light, but I thought it was more orange than brown.

    Good luck!
  10. No.
  11. You can call any NM with Stam Hobo's style number (C362113), a SA will be able to look one up for you. Good luck.
  12. Yay! The photo looks brown, but I rather like the more orangey.

    Bag.Lover, it doesn't? Is it more brown? I suppose I'll take a risk and order it? But I don't want to kill a commission by returning it, then again, I may love it.

    I'm sure it's orangey and I'll love it. :smile: ?? Dunno! We'll see. I hope to get the great price that will make it worth it.

    Thanks! I'm about to call!
  13. Get the Orangey one! It's amazing!
  14. Okay so I got the call back. Any Stam on sale was only online, not in the stores, so I can't get that right now. She said she'd call me if it goes on sale.

    I also asked her to call me if the Little Stam in Black does.

    And she doesn't think the B&M NMs ever had the Chloe' I wanted.

    I'm fine with this, I can have patience and do eBay, except I don't trust eBay and Stams, lol, but this IS a Hobo Stam, which helps some.

    Oh well! I can now pay all of my bill at once - lol.
  15. Where is on sale? How can I make contacts? Someone, PM ME!!