Sale event in Brussels

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  1. I would like to share my excitment, we went to a sale event in Brussles.
    Oh, my god! it was amaizing, there were tonns of Hermes stuff ( totes, shoulder bags, leather diaries, porcelain, silk scarves and twillys, cashmere scarves,shoes, jackets,)
    we had to wait in line for more then 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!! I am l looking forward to a new one.

    Who else was there?
  2. Wow

    What bags were on sale?
  3. i will post the pictures
  4. sounds exciting, did you get anything?
  5. yes, it was a madness, i spent my 2 salaries there!
  6. you cant keep us in suspense, tell, tell:tup:
  7. Still waiting!
  8. ok, here we go
    Hermes silk scarf8a.JPG
  9. the next one
    Hermes braclet1a.JPG
  10. the bag!
  11. to be continued
  12. wow beautiful koopjes:smile: :drool:to be continued? is there more coming? what did you buy more?
  13. dutchglory, you are such a tease, we need details too!
    love the bag.
  14. Girls it is really worth a try,
    from now on I am willing to travel to every sale event of Hermes.:smile:
    They had lots of porcelain on sale, for 100 euros you could get a nice tea or coffee set ( 5 cups and soucers, including tea ot coffee pot and milk jug) and etc. The cashmere scarf you could get for 80 euros.....twillys for 35 euros, big silk scarves from 60 till 190 euros. Shoes from 70 till 150 euros, I can't give you a complete overview..........
  15. wow that sounds like a lot of fun,..... wished I was there:smile: