Sale dilemma - which bag to choose?

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  1. With the sales on I'm stuck to which bag I should get and need help deciding. Toss up between

    Blossom Pochette with Strap Neon Blue Calf Nappa - love the colour, everyday use and perfect size me and within in my price range. This bag is more me. I also have this colour in the bayswater clutch which I've yet to use. I love the colour so much I'm afraid to use the clutch. :rolleyes:


    Lily Oxblood Mirror Metallic Leather - love the colour, would only be used on special occasions, even then I don't go out with a bag always, just about in my price range providing I don't buyt a pair Charlotte Olympia wedges I'm eyeing, and the blossom pochette bag.

    So which should I get?
    Thanks for your input. :smile: X

    b pouch.jpeg Mat lily.jpeg
  2. I'd be a tad afraid of scratches with the mirror finish but might go for the Lily (only because I own my fair share of blue bags already :cool:, I've had a Lily in mind and because I don't use wristlests). I guess it depends on whether the bag gets any real use? Don't buy it for storage ;) I've ended up selling all the bags I thought were "nice" when I bought them but wasn't really in love...

    That blue is gorgeous and will work in all seasons, I have a similar colour blue working tote and it works just as great in winter as it does in summer :smile: If you get more use out of the pochette and shoes, definitely go for those!
  3. I'd pick the pochette I'll hopefully end up buying one, I had one before in steel blue and loved it but had a mad moment and sold it :sad:
  4. I have a metalic mirror purse and the patent is much tougher than you'd expect. I'd go lily. More bang for your buck too!
  5. I would get the lily too. To me it's more of a classic mulberry and looks a bit more special. But the blossom pouchette is very nice too - you should get the one you feel the most excited about!!

  6. I've just purchased the Blossom pochette and would highly recommend it. It has two straps so it can be used on days when you need very little or as smart going out bag when the need arises by changing the strap. Since both straps are removable you could use it in large bags as a keep everything together pouch. There are also slots for 3 cards so you could forgo a larger purse and if you need cash either fold up into the back slot or take a coin purse. Hope this helps with your decision, either of your choices are lovely.
  7. Based on what you've said in your post, I think going for the Blossom would be a no brainier for me. You'll get loads more use out of it and it sounds like you could then pick up other things you want.
  8. Thank you for your input. I'm going to buy the blossom and I get a pair of shoes to. :smile: One day I shall own the oxblood colour.
  9. Why don't you get the blossom pochette in the Oxblood colour?
  10. ^ I have an oxblood colour dkny small everyday bag + the lily is a metallic finish. :smile:
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