sale coral colored souple tote available

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  1. quick, before someone snatches it
    it was reg. priced at 1650, on sale for 1225.
    i believe it's the same one as one of the pix chanel boy posted, it has a leather bar connecting where the straps are attached to the body of the bag and it spells out CHANEL.

    SA said this one escaped cuz they just put it out, she also said they have handheld bowler caviar in blk and beige.

    PM me for her info.
  2. it's this bag but in coral, the same color as the coral luxe ligne bowler.


    pic borrowed from chanelboy, hope u don't mind.
  3. Oops!
  4. I presaled the tote version in black! it has a detachable shoulder strap too! can't wait to pick her up and bring her home!
  5. Looks very yummy!
  6. stunning bag - coral would be so pretty.
  7. Nieman Marcus San Antonio had that bag on sale in coral yesterday morning also.