SALE clutch in metallic black at NM right now!!

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  1. Plus the Ava bag, the patchwork satchel, the green Edith and others...

    good luck!!!
  2. HMWE Thanks so very much.

    That Ava bag there is gorgeous.

    I am in the UK, I don't know if they will ship to the UK, and I am obviously wondering about customs duty.

    Does anybody know please?

  3. Thanks bunches for posting!!!
  4. HMWE46, we really are on the same wave length. I pmed you earlier thinking you might like the chloe black clutch since we both are enjoying are acier clutches. I picked one up. Great price and no shipping with NMNOW code!

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  5. Help, I have got the Ava bag in my shopping cart again!

    I don't know whether to just go ahead and see what happens.

    Have any of you had experience with shipping overseas from NM?
  6. It really is a shame we live so far apart or we could have a Bag Collective :P


  7. I think you have to call ahead, don't you?
  8. I actually spoke to someone, via Live chat, they said I could place the order with them directly, or phone and they gave me the phone number.

    My main concern again, was customs. I have no problem paying it, sometimes it just makes an item go up over normal retail, which really makes me :wtf:.
  9. This clutch is now only $250! Hurry!!
    BTW, does anyone know if this comes with a shoulder strap?? Thanks!! :smile:
  10. I have this clutch (in several colors... I think I have a slight problem!). It doesn't really have a shoulder strap- there is a strap, but it's not very long. I just put it on my shoulder and it fits, but the clutch is now right up in my armpit, so not so practical for sleeveless tops!

    However, the strap does have a clip at one end so you can detach it and then clip it onto the other end, making it more like a wristlet strap. I don't know if I'm describing it well - does that make sense?