Sale Chocolate Paddy & Black Shopper at Nordies

  1. I also posted this in the chloe shopping section

    Ladies- I've been searching high and low for paddies all day- I finally scored my rouge! In my search I found two more bags that you may be interested in-

    A med chocolate paddington, and a black paddington shopper

    Call Alicia at the palo alto Nordstrom at

    Good luck!
  2. I just called.. apparently the med chocolate paddington is put on hold for another customer who will be coming to trade her large carmel color paddington at 6pm
  3. Sorry, she must have just called :sad:
  4. I was at Palo Alto Nordstrom today and they do have a chocolate East West satchel on the sale table. It's the one with the zipper on the bottom of the bag.
  5. how much was it?
  6. Sorry - I didn't check the price on it. It should be 40% off so I'm guessing anywhere from $950 to $1050.