Sale Chloes at Saks in NYC/5th Ave


Jul 30, 2006
I just visited the Saks on 5th Ave in NYC to check out what's left of the first cut sale. I saw a post about this earlier, and I wanted to add to it, but now I can't find the original post! Anyway, here's what they have for 30% off:

Lots of Ediths-- all styles, most colors. They even had some black conteens which I had never seen before
2 "Castor" (maroon) paddies with the long/cross body strap as well as handles. Not sure what this style is called, but it's a pretty heavy bag
1 "Gris-Vert" paddy shoulder bag. This one was lovely and I wanted it, but I've bought too much lately.:sad:
1 Silverado in chamois (tan on tan)
Lots of Tracy bags in both sizes, in the taupe/whiskey color combo
1 lone Ascot in tan that looked like it had seen better days

I hope this is helpful to someone! Even if you don't live in NYC, I'm sure you could call and ask a SA to send you something.
Thanks for the info! I saw the 30% selection too at Saks in Beverly Hills but sadly, after my grubby hands got hold of 50% off Chloé from Aloha Rag, I now don't want to pay less than 40% off! :shrugs:
I just visited Saks again, and they haven't taken the "second cut" yet, but I think that will come after Xmas. For anyone who's interested, here's what they had in the store this time on the 30% off racks:
1. A couple of dark red Teklas
2. One lone paddy in castor-- The large tote with two handles and a cross body strap. Not sure what this style is called, but it's quite heavy.
3. Tons of brown and jade ediths-- the larger edith satchel that has a flap over the top.
4. One black edith conteen
5. One python silverado in dark two-tone brown. It was down to $2300 something. It was the larger sized silverado
6. Lots of Tracys in assorted colors and sizes. There was even a JUMBO edith I've never seen before.

They had some of the new spring styles for full price of course. Nothing really jumped out at me! But something about the new bags reminds me of Balenciaga. I think it was the leather.