Sale Chloes at Saks in NYC-- 1 day sale

  1. Hey gals,

    I stopped by Saks Fifth Ave in Manhattan tonight to report back on which Chloes are on sale. The good news is, ALL chloes at that location are 30% off, but the sale ends tonight. I think you can call and buy something over the phone if there's something you really want.

    I saw:
    Black paddy shoppers with black hardware: $1800 less 30%
    Dark brown paddy hobos (the new 2007 style that can be worn cross body or as a shoulder bag) : came out to $1043 after % off
    Stark white paddy hobos (same style)
    Paddy shoulder bags (with the long strap, last year's style, I think this is also called the hobo) in white and a lightish brown (not canelle)
    Edith satchels in muscade (1275 less 30%)
    Assorted Edith styles in white, muscade, and yellow. There were a ton of ediths, many in the new 2007 styles
    Tracy bags in black and "acier"
    I also saw some Avas, and some Edith wallets. There may have been some patchwork totes... but no Bay bags.
    I hope this helps someone!:heart:
  2. Thanks....:smile:
  3. how about the chloe shopper?