Sale Chanel Purses are 65% OFF at Saks from 8am to Noon

  1. I heard from my SA yesterday that Chanel WILL BE participating in the Saks After Christmas Sale so from 8 to noon, it will be 50% off the last markdown prices.

    I can't believe it! Chanel for 65% OFF!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  2. aackk
    this is the best news EVER !!!!!
    I got to get there..
    Actually the first cut on accessories were 30%, so if they are doing an additional 50%- that makes it 80% and I am not inclined to believe that kind of deal,....but we will see
  3. I think it is an additional 50% off the already 30% off, for a total of 65% off. Though 80% would be nice!
  4. Yeah, 50% off of prices that have already been marked down 30% = a total of 65% off. :smile: 65%, 80%, either way, what a great deal... I hope some ladies find some amazing pieces!! :nuts: :heart:
  5. I wish I lived in the
  6. Does anyone know what the stock is in various Saks stores throughout the country??? NYC store may have a huge nylon sports bag (should be $350) with the 50% discount - at least it was there this past Saturday. Also, 2 naked bags and a mint large Mademoiselle. Any other info? TIA!
  7. wow!
    I wonder what styles are still left?
  8. My SA said no purses were on sale. Only clothing.
  9. Well, phooey, then.....:tdown:
  10. bummer!! Oh well...good for my wallet then!!
  11. whew! My wallet feels better too!
  12. That's odd.

    Delyse (from Saks in Troy Michigan) as well as several other SA's told me that Chanel handbags will be 65% off.

    The SAs were not allowed to presell but my SA is ringing up a couple of fantastic Chanel bags for me tomorrow morning at 65% off. I am SO excited! It's like an amazing Chanel dream! I'll post pictures when I get them!
  13. I guess I now know why math was never my strong suit because I am not seeing where the 65% comes from. So they're not taking 50% off the current sale price?

  14. Delyse (from Troy Michigan) had the Outdoor Hobo when I spoke with her Friday or Saturday. I'm sure at 65% off, it will be gone by 8:01am.

    I don't have a Saks in my state so I do all my shopping by phone orders.

    There a plenty of Naked Bags left, hehheh I think at almost all stores that have Chanel on on sale. Tampa had an Chanel evening bag (don't know which one) and a golden tweed classic.

    I must admit, a lot of the thrill is the hunt! ;)
  15. Hi Roey -

    Say the bag's regular price is $1000.

    The first cut is 30% off so it sold for $700.

    Tomorrow from 8am to noon, Saks takes another 50% off marked prices so that $700 is 50% off, which makes it $350.

    A Chanel that sold for $1000 in November is now on sale for $350. That is 65% off.