Sale black flap $835!

  1. There is one Rock and Roll flap in black distressed caviar similar to Outdoor leather, with silver hardware and CHANEL embossed on the leather of the flap, for $835 at NM Newport Beach. My SA's name is Cynthia at 949-887-3765. Please tell her Lani sent you.

    She also has the red lamb long wallet from last year. It is the classic long wallet with no tab. The price is still pre-increase since I guess the red color was seasonal at $640 ish.
  2. does anyone have a pic of the black flap? i called cynthia and she still has it but i dont even know what it looks like! whats the collection that this bag came from? its from 2006 so i dont know what condition the bag is in...but it sounds like a good deal!
  3. I saw it down in Miami at NM, it is a distressed leather kind of an East/West shape with a flap and the word chanel on the flap. I described it in one of my Sale posts., someone on the Chanel forum, unfortunately I can't remember who, posted a picture of it because she had bought it and another bag in the recent sales and she had reconditioned it (Hers had arrived scratched), and she showed a before and after......maybe you can find the thread., it could be part of the outdoor ligne or a distressed ligne....maybe in the Reference section....:heart:H
  4. ^ Ohhh, I remember maxter purchased the same bag, but in red! :smile: Check out the pictures from her thread sued2006 - just do a search and you'll find it! :heart: :flowers:
  5. wow - great deal!

  6. That's the one Minal! Thanks! The leather had some little scratches, but I remember this distressed line always had some scratches even when brand new out of the box. And I think the leather is meant to be distressed so it looks vintage and totally funky. It's a great price for a Chanel flap in neutral black!
  7. wow, this is a great deal!
  8. Amazing deal!
  9. here's the pic of the bag:

    i decided not to get it afterall, i want the classic white flap instead. but this is a deal/steal!
    nm black flap.jpg
  10. That is a good buy. I hope sued2006 or another tpf'er gets it!
  11. It's gone already.... I hope tpfer who got it!
  12. There is still one in Miami, I just saw it in red, pm me if interested.:heart:H