sale bbags on ebay


Jun 14, 2006
I am trying to sale one of my bbag on ebay to fund a new one, but DH told me not to do it. He said some people might claim it is fake and refuse to pay for it. Is there anything I can do to protect myself? Did it happen to any of you here before?
It's up to the seller to prove authenticity. You can do this by posting lots of clear photographs of the bag, its hardware (both on the bag and on the strap) and its tag, front and back. In addition, post photos of all the paper documentation, the extra tassels, etc., as well as a description of when you bought the bag, how often you've used it and whether you have treated it or not. If your bag is authentic, there is nothing for you to be concerned about.
I would put some restrictions on the bidders to protect yourself because there have been a few scams reported by PFers on threads here. You might want to restrict your auction to bidders who have at least 10 feedback and you might think about where you feel comfortable shipping the bag. Highgloss is right--takes lots of photos.
I think it is kind of ironic how we are so afraid of buying a fake bag on ebay yet we have to worry about getting scammed if we are a seller too. While I think you should post lots of pics and do everything HGF said, I think if your bag is authentic (I assume that it is), you can make the buyer prove that it is fake if they have an issue which they obviously wouldn't be able to do. Just make sure the payment has cleared before you ship.
Well said Allison!!!!!!! I was scammed as a seller!!!!!! If you use Paypal do not ship to unconfirmed addresses!!! A guy used a stolen credit card to pay for a bag I sold to him. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!
It helps if the bidders have a lot of positive feedback and have been ebay members for a long time. Absolutely never ship to anything but a confirmed Paypal address.
I think only USA and UK Paypal users can have their addresses confirmed. So if you want international sales, then your buyer may not have a confirmed address. However, all buyers can be verified.

So for me, if my international buyer has a good ebay feedback record and is Paypal verified, then I don't worry so much. But this is just me.

However, I agree that you should only ship to Paypal confirmed address for all USA/UK buyers
If they pay with Paypal funded with a credit card, there is no absolute guarantee that you'll be safe from scammers. You'd have to trust you gut instinct to trust a bidder. If there's any inkling of malice, I'd stop the transaction. If they pay with an e-check, that's a little safer for you.

I lost $70 and a pair of leather D&G gloves (it's not much but it's the principle) to someone in Germany. Ever since then, I never do international sales.
i recently sold a bbag on ebay. The seller paid promtly, and i was able to transfer the funds to my bank account from payal... except they arent there!

the transaction details state the trasnfer is complete... yet no funds! and i was stupid, i shipped the item as soon as the transaction was complete, should i have waited for the funds to appear in my account? it also said it would take 3-4 business days, and the transaction was completed on thursday, so maybe the funds wont actually go into my account until tuesday (?) or wednesday? Does saturday count as a business day? i know this monday wont. this is so frustrating!

im really paranoid cuz i cant afford to lose $800 this time of year...
It takes a few days for funds to appear in your bank account. Business days usually means Monday to Friday, not including public holidays. If the money was in your paypal account - visible when you logged into your paypal account - then, the withdrawal will be successful. Don't worry.