Sale bbags I saw yesterday (UK)

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  1. Spotted yesterday....
    a black '05 (squishy leather!!!) shoulder in Selfridge's London - £265
    caramel and i think marron coin purses - didn't see the exact price, but somewhere around 30 - 50% off

    Harvey Nichols in London had a bunch of coin purses - white ones were £78, a few other colors were £108 - I think maybe greige and caramel. they had one or two pony hair coin purses as well

    there were a bunch of red whistle bags at Harvey Nics - didn't see the price

    sorry...i know that wasn't the most informative post. i should have done a better job making note of inventory/prices....
  2. thank you for the update stars! was actually curious about what kind of sales were going on in the UK... :smile:
  3. Thanks for in the info!! I live in Cornwall so all my balenciaga purchases are via internet or phone... I really wanted the coin purse in white but have sold out:sad: still managed to get it in caramel at £78!! Thanks again :yahoo:
  4. Thank you Stars!

    It's because of your valueable London info that I was able to purchase a yummy scrunchy black 05 shoulder from Selfridges!

    Thanks again:yahoo:
  5. You gals in the UK might want to check out Koh Samui (London) and Cricket Designer Wear (Liverpool) ... they typically have their sales around this time. I managed to score a few pieces from both of them when I was in Edinburgh & London on business (much better than having it shipped to the states!!).
  6. I wish I could buy a coin purse! I'm living in the wrong country..
  7. aarti ... they had TONS of coin purses at Barneys NY (Chestnut Hill & Copley Place), Boston. You should call them ... they had some of the new FAB colors (Vert Gazon, Bleu de France, '06 Rouge Vif, etc.).
  8. I am glad that helped someone out - congrats on your purchase Ellay! :yahoo:

    And you are very welcome Siri - you are my black '05 shoulder twin! :yes:

    I am going to have to check out Koh Samui one day this week to see what they have. I love that store - they have beautiful clothing & jewelry there - in addition to the bbags, of course!