sale bayswater

  1. I know it's a long shot, but if any of you ladies see a black darwin leather mulberry bayswater discounted anywhere, would you let me know? I will be eternally grateful. :smile:
  2. what part of the world are you in ??makes a difference
  3. I'm in western Canada. I was hoping to find a place that would charge send here. :o)
  4. Mulberry at Bicester ALWAYS have Bayswaters on sale, they posted to me in the UK, not sure if they post internationally but you can always ask! Tel no: 01869 323200 ask to be put through to Mulberry
  5. I'll call there! Thanks so much! I hope they'll ship here! :o)
  6. don't think they ship out of the u.k , good luck
  7. Sadly, no black darwin bayswaters, so I didn't bother asking if they'd ship here. :o( It's looking like full price for me... :o\
  8. I just bought a black bayswater bag in HongKong last week.It was on sale.30% off.And they have 4 or more left.Try this number:852-2956 0830;)
  9. WOW were all the bags 30% off?? Did they have much left?