Sale Balenciagas at Susan San Francisco

  1. i was there earlier today, and they had the following on sale (40% off retail):

    black canvas/black leather weekender
    bordeaux bowling
    cafe work (i think it was cafe, it could have been a different brown)
    black travel duffle
    ink X2 hook bag
    navy paisley/brown leather X2 hook bag
    numerous pink, blue fur bags
    numerous whistle bags (i saw red, brown and black)
    fur mini coin purses and compagnons

    ask for mary-beth if you call...
  2. Thanks, Kimair! Did you see any interesting non-sale motorcycle bags?
  3. just the whistles...
    i don't think they ever got the envelope style bags...
  4. Actually, I meant did you see any other interesting motorcycle bags, not non-moto ... lol. Sorry to be so confusing!
  5. Kimair - what Vert D'eau pieces did you see? I know when I called the other day, they had a mini bowling and weekender. Anything else?
  6. I just called earlier at the Burlingame location, the SA who picked up the phone was really unhappy and refused to tell me what was on sale over the phone :crybaby:
  7. Bur, check the Stores Now Carrying thread above for MANY other accounts of similar rudeness from Susan in Burlingame and SF.
  8. This is surprising to me. My family lives almost walking distance in Hillsborough so I visit the Burlingame store quite often and I find them to be very friendly. Maybe they don't want to disclose what is on sale over the phone because they are getting inundated with calls?
  9. They have VD in a First. Not sure if it is on sale.
  10. The SA I spoke with Tue was unbelievably rude. I told her I had heard there was a sale on some bags and she replied that Susan "would be furious" that I knew about their sale. She said the SA that told me about in SF would be in trouble. That Susan doesn't want sales discussed over the phone and that if I wanted to know what they had in stock, I'd "better just drive right over" if I want to see what they had.

    I asked if they sold regular priced merchandise over the phone and she said yes. I asked how this was different and just repeated that above.

    Oh, so I told her that I was a career gal and had to be in the office during the hours their store is open. She laughed and said that if I wanted a bag I'd find a way to leave work.


    I will gladly take my money elsewhere.
  11. That's so weird, they are always super friendly and nice.

    They told me they cannot hold items though :sad:
  12. i'm sorry that some of you have had bad experiences there...
    my sa, mary beth is great and every time i've been to the sf store, i've had nothing but good experiences...but i have heard differently about the burlingame store...

    fiatflux...i remember seeing a vert d'eau first and a weekender...but there were more...

    the only interesting sale moto bag i saw was the brown work...i've really been wanting a work, but i am not a brown person...
    it's a great deal at 40% off...
    mary beth told me they had another one in a lighter blue (periwinkle, perhaps) that was also 40% off...
  13. you know what styles they had in french blue?
  14. they had a giant work...
  15. Thanks!