Sale Bags from my SA at NM!!! Prada, Valentino, Gonzalez and more!

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  1. NM marked down a bunch of bags- here are some that my SA emailed me about and I want to pass along to everyone here!

    All bags are FINAL SALE! But great deals to be had!!!

    1. Alligator Prada. Was $4480 NOW $1500 final sale.
    2. Prada Turquoise Satin Bow Clutch. Was $550 NOW $233 final sale.
    3. Versace Python Brown Copper Iridescent. Was $3780 NOW $1266 final sale.
    4. Valentino Clutch with detachable strap. Was $2295 NOW $768 final sale.

    CALL LISA HAMLIN AT (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!!!
    SaleMonday 001.jpg SaleMonday 003.jpg SaleMonday 004.jpg SaleMonday 005.jpg SaleMonday 006.jpg
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. 1. Nancy Gonzalas Crocodile Pink Tote. Was $2100 NOW $703 final price.
    2. Prada Purple Black White Nylon Tote. Was $1395 NOW $467 final price
    3. Marni Leather Oversized clutch. Available in Raspberry and Dark Green. Was $1650 NOW $552 final price.

    I will add more if I receive any more emails from Lisa! Enjoy everyone!!!
    SaleMonday 008.jpg SaleMonday 009.jpg SaleMonday 010.jpg SaleMonday 011.jpg
  4. thank you so much for sharing!!!
  5. thanks for posting jag!
  6. thank you for sharing!
  7. thank you for sharing.
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  9. THANKs I just contacted Lisa and snatched up one of the Prada totes. It'll be great for Spring.
  10. i am really interested in the prada clutch....oh where's my money tree
  11. I think I saw the clutch on a table at the NM in Minneapolis last week. But I would still call Lisa to track down one...she is simply amazing!
  12. Thanks for posting. Baglady, did she have any more of the purple/white Prada totes?
  13. She said she's had luck scraping them up for people. I just ordered mine from her last Thursday. As for either Lisa or her assistant Hannah
  14. Thanks. I left her a voice mail message.
  15. Hope she finds everything you are looking for!